Zoho to set up two data centres in India

Zoho Corporation
Zoho has developed conversational artificial intelligence based Zoho Intelligence Assistant (ZIA).

Hyderabad: Zoho Corporation, which offers online business, network, IT infrastructure management applications and software maintenance & support services, is planning to launch its data centre in Mumbai and a (active-active) backup centre in Chennai. The Mumbai centre will be operational in the next few months.

The Chennai-based company has one Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Chennai already, which manages the networks worldwide. The centre ensures security and vendor management besides software and hardware management.

Founded in 1996 as a network management provider for large corporations, Zoho Corporation has evolved into a multi-enterprise cloud computing firm. It has three flagship businesses-Zoho.com, which offers cloud-based office suite; ManageEngine, an IT management software platform; and WebNMS, which develops telecommunications software.

ManageEngine & Zoho.com president Raj Sabhlok told Telangana Today, “We have two data centres in the US-one in Washington and a backup data centre in Dallas (Texas). In Europe, we have our main data centre in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and the backup centre in Dublin (Ireland). We have one configuration backup centre in China. We are planning to add two data centres in Australia for the South Asian market and one in Canada soon. Another centre could come up in Middle East. All these new centres could come up in next two to three years.”

“India is a key market for us. We want to get clients of all sizes. We are talking to several decision makers across industries. We also see Hyderabad as a key market for us. We have several clients already here,” he emphasised.

Wider clientele
Explaining the customer base, Raj said, “Both ManageEngine and Zoho.com today serve over 2,00,000 customers each. There is also an intersection seen among the customers using services of both the companies. We disrupted the industry after we entered the IT market. We today rival companies of any size and scope.”

“We initially started serving small and medium businesses (SMBs) through ManageEngine, when it was rolled out in 2002. Gradually large size companies also started using our products. Today, 65 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies use the company’s services. Several Indian companies that are ramping up their IT operations and security prefer our services,” he added.

Zoho.com, which started its operations in 2006, started offering email and office space and then created Zoho CRM, which is the flagship product of the company. “We see ourselves as the product development company. We have over 40 unique applications which are unheard of in the IT industry, developed by both Zoho.com and ManageEngine. Zoho is positioned as a tool that will cater to every functional need of an enterprise.”

“ManageEngine serves horizontal verticals while Zoho can be customised for clients, across verticals. Services companies are automating and are a large part of our clientele. Financial services sector is another key spender. Hitech, telecom, aviation and banking are other major sectors using Zoho’s services,” he informed.

New offerings
Zoho, which has a chat messaging system and a bot capability, has recently launched ZIA (Zoho Intelligence Assistant), which is conversational artificial intelligence (AI). ZIA can provide sales forecasts, performance reports, sentiment analysis besides other benefits. Soon ZIA will be launched on ‘Help Desk’.

On data security, he says, “We emphasise on data compliance in every market. We also went through General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe recently. Customer security is our top most priority. We have over 100 security engineers who are not only working on preventive aspects but are also carrying out penetration testing (ethical hacking) to test the digital architecture.”

He added, “Disaster recovery management is also critical for our clients. The clients are keen on the up-time Zoho provides. Having our data centres geographically spread out globally, is a big plus for us as it minimises risk.”

The company also provides data loss protection services for its clients. Data at rest, motion and use is all kept secured for the clients. The company has developed tools to address the vulnerability related to data.

ManageEngine is currently involved in IT services management, focusing on improving its Help Desk. The company’s Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes can be useful across functions-finance, HR and facilities management within the organisations. It is made extendable to other departments as well. There is also focus on prevention, detection and forensic tools.

The company is focused on analytics applications and has also brought out a blue print that will allow it draw processes for user companies. The application will go into various products. The company’s innovation team-Zoho Labs is working on natural language processing, AI related algorithms and is building a tool to leverage all of them within products.