Yyamini winning hearts on silver screen


A young girl from Warangal who went on to become one of the popular faces on Telugu TV screens, Yyamini says she never planned on getting into the industry. “I was in 10th when I participated in Zee Telugu’s talent hunt called Anveshana, which basically was to bring fresh talent out for a serial. It was going on in Warangal and I wanted to see how the whole thing looks like, which was the only reason I signed up and, to my surprise, I got selected. Though I didn’t take up the offer at the time due to various reasons, it was still a huge surprise for me.”

A few years later, Yyamini got a call from the channel, asking her to be a part of Chinna Kodalu (2012). “Chinna Kodalu marked my entry on the silver screen, after which I continued getting offers from Zee itself.”

‘Me’ talks

Yyamini enjoys her ‘alone-time’ and lists sleeping as her biggest stress buster. She also enjoys spending time with family — her biggest support system. The actor says she is highly inspired by the kind of roles and character shades that actors Ramya Krishnan and Soundarya have done.

Career conversations

With a career spanning close to seven years now, the Chinna Kodalu actor gets talking about her first time on the set during a conversation with Tabloid Today, and says, “The first few days were very scary. I had no idea about the workings of a shoot, be it makeup and dressing or what was I supposed to do when I was given a scene or how long will the shoot last, etc. But, after working for some time, I slowly started to understand the specifics and that’s how I started to grow as an actor.”

She further adds, “The atmosphere on the set gives off strong family vibes so I never really felt that I was away from home. I learnt a lot from my co-actors.”

Currently, Yyamini is working on two projects for the channel, Muthyala Muggu and Meenakshi. Talking about the character traits specific to her on-screen role in Muthyala Muggu, Bhoomi, the actor says, “She is a young a village girl who lives with her mother and has a special interest towards kabbadi but is also into classical dance just for her mother’s sake.”

Through the course of the show, Bhoomi faces a lot of challenges and evolves with time. She has seen her sports career through and crossed important milestones as a girl, daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother and so on.

The show has recently completed 850 episodes and speaking about the kind of response she got, she says, “Though the title is Muthyala Muggu, a lot of people refer to it as ‘Bhoomi serial’ which is a source of immense pride and satisfaction. There are a few more twists and turns to the story in the future and I think the audience are in for a treat soon,” she adds.