YouTube channels for book lovers


Internet has some specific uses that greatly benefit an exclusive section of people. No! We aren’t talking about fashion enthusiasts. We are talking about book lovers.

There are a few YouTube channels that not only review the latest reads but also update its list of must-have books from time to time.


Sasha Alsberg from Texas proudly calls herself a book-a-holic. She aims to bring nothing but the best for her 3,70,000 subscribers. From latest releases, events to book reviews, she has it all covered. If nothing specific, viewers can talk to Sasha about anything and everything under the sun.

Jesse The Reader

With 2,81,000 subscribers, Jesse claims himself to be a ‘book warrior’. His vlog focuses on sharing his love for books with the viewers. Fun book products and month-based book reads are some of his fun and exciting videos. Apart from reviews, videos on quirky topics like When a book does you wrong and Thoughts in a book store are quite hilarious.


Emma is a 21-year-old book enthusiast from New York. According to her, she vicariously lives her life through young adult fiction. On her channel with 1,33,000 subscribers currently, you will find all things bookish, whether that means book reviews, book hauls, helpful tips for BookTubers and readers alike, literary discussions, author interviews, and more! How BookTubers make money is one of her most-watched videos.

Peruse Project

Vlogger Regan likes to talk about books. Her channel is a one-stop hub for all the information that viewers need about books. Around 2,39,000 subscribers and 1,55,000 views for her My Favourite Fantasy Books!! video show her popularity in this genre of vlogs.


Kat describes herself as someone who owns a ton of books; drinks a lot of coffee and spends more time online than offline. Her videos — The Stages of Book Grief and The 24 Hour Readathon Vlog (July 2017) have garnered 1,01,000 and 1,35,000 views respectively. After all, getting 2,50,000 subscribers isn’t a small thing.