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Young farmer’s initiative in Nalgonda

Nalgonda: This young farmer is proving that agriculture is profitable by adopting modern methods and is encouraging his counterparts towards new farming methods in the district.

After visiting his horticulture farm at Duppalapally village of Thipparthy mandal in the district, more than 30 farmers were inspired and adopted his farming method of ‘mixed row vegetables cultivation’ in the district. Rupani Ramesh’s horticultural farm has become a model for mixed row vegetable cultivation with new agri-methods.

Young farmer’s initiative in Nalgonda
Row Mulching method, which is used by Ramesh for cultivation. Photo: By Arrangement

Speaking to Telangana Today, Rupani Ramesh said that generally 15 to 20 farmers’ visits his farm in a day to see innovative cultivation and get his advises.

Rupani Ramesh has completed graduation in science and took up jobs in private companies after his studies. He says that it did not give him the satisfaction and so he left and chooses agriculture after studying modern agriculture methods. He later understood that earing money through cultivation was 100 per cent possible. He had no land so he bought five acres of land. When Ramesh entered the farming business the agriculture sector was in crisis. It was his determination that kept him moving despite the spate of farmer suicides.

The young farmer combines mixed row vegetables cultivation, in-line drip irrigation and mulching methods, which gives high yield of crop. 

In just 30 gunta of the land, Ramesh began to cultivate 20 varieties of vegetables, sufficient for 200 families.

Ramesh says that his aim was to educate at least one farmer from each village to adopt this farming model that would make the entire village not to import vegetables from the nearby cities.

With his help many vegetable farms have come up at Koyyara, Ramnagar, Velmala, Kanagal and Gowraram villages in the district. “I also setup the Sri Sedhya Rythu Seva Samstha to train the young farmers on the farming methods of mixed row vegetable cultivation”, he added. He informed that using this method in cultivation, we can ensure 20 tons of cucumber production per acre of land.

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