Yoga helps you age gracefully: Shilpa Shetty


Actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra marked the International Yoga Day with a session with CISF, CRPF and NCC cadets and officials, and urged people to make it a part of their daily routine for its many benefits.

An actor who has always pushed the idea of wellness, she spoke to the media about the importance of yoga. “What is important is learning. I’m still learning every day, but since we are celebrating International Yoga Day, I just want to say that its benefits are many. No one has ever turned to yoga and said they have regretted it. First things first, make the start, even if it means today.”

Shilpa shared her personal story with the ancient health and wellness form. “I’ve had many ailments, many niggles and pains as I have been a sports person. Than all the dancing and all that wear and tear came with it. Yoga has rehabilitated me, strengthened me, toned me internally and externally, shaped my body, mind, and soul and aligned it, so the benefits are plenty. One more added benefit is that it really helps you age gracefully.”