Write your heart out


Every Saturday evening from 3pm to 6pm, the open terrace of Lamakan is filled with enthusiast writers who want to write, who have given a break for their writing skills and who want to evolve as a good writer. All thanks to Write Club- Hyderabad for bringing all the writing enthusiasts under one roof.

How the Write Club started in Hyderabad comes as an interesting story. Sravanthi Talluri, who keeps interest in writing, was looking for groups with the same wavelength, but to her surprise, she couldn’t find any such groups in Hyderabad that she saw in Bengaluru, when she was working there.

“When I moved back to Hyderabad in 2015, I checked, but couldn’t find such writing groups, who could do that. There were many groups like open mic, poetry, singing etc. but no group which helped people write short stories, fiction or non-fiction, I felt that writers needed a wholesome community; I started using the platform meetups.com. When I created the group, surprisingly I had 11 people turnout who were not in my circle. So, all of them were the ones who were looking for such a group. And the first session that we organised was by the name ‘first session’ and now, all the 11 members who joined me then have become an integral part of the club” explains Sravanthi who further adds that the club has 2,000 registered members in four years. Write your heart out

If one wishes to become a part of this group, then they have to register themselves for Rs 250 per annum and the membership is open to all those who have a flair for writing — regardless of language, age, genre, style or discretion of writing. Every week, they come up with a topic, though you are not a writer but you definitely end up writing something that will help. In that way, a person’s block is broken by joining this club. “We help people pen their thoughts, spill their mind and finally make an appointment with the writer in a person’s head. We conduct that foster writing. Our aim is to help writers reach their goals in a supportive, collaborative and social setting” says Sravanthi Talluri.

Write Club specially dedicates every third Saturday in a month to children. Where only kids are encouraged to come more, and the topics picked up will be child-friendly, that way they can also connect with other children.