Working out the buzz cut


Short hairdos are what all the celebrities and trendsetters are up to. But, every time someone thinks of getting a very short haircut, it makes them nervous. ‘Will it suit my face shape?’, ‘Will it make me look healthier?’ are some questions that immediately pop up. Go through some of these guidelines given below to make sure that you do not mess up your overall look.

The right time & stylist

Not everybody dares to try out such hairstyles, and, just like everyone else, we all have our doubts. So, make sure that you try it out when your schedule if free from any upcoming big events. It takes time to recover from a bad hairdo. Also, the hairstylist you go to needs to be confident about giving you a haircut. If needed, spend a little extra and let an expert work on your hair.

Confidence is all it matters

Yes, to some extent, the shape of your face and other features would matter, but nothing can come between you and confidence. You can work any hairdo, if you believe you can do it.

Give it a day or two

If it’s your first time trying a short hairstyle, don’t freak out and accuse the stylist immediately if you do not like what you see. Give it a day or two to let the hair set well and then pass your judgement.

Enquire about the maintenance

Now, getting into the effort you will be putting in, ask the stylist what all you will have to do. See what’s feasible for you and go for it.