‘Why Cheat India’: Lacking in Punch

Why Cheat India
Poster of upcoming film Why Cheat India. Source: Facebook

Hyderabad: Smooch smart goes to the examination center. Eternally cross with the world he is back with the exposure of the underbelly. The jilted lover, the loosing game better is now an examination scam entrepreneur. “Tujhe subha tak main karoon pyaar” is too transient promise for this big game planner.

Fiddle the riddle and you have the scamster trying to expose the gaping holes in the education system. Does he? Or does he only expose the gaps in the art of film making of this kind? Going by the foot falls not many are interested.

Travel with Soumick Sen to Jaunpur and Kota and have a voyeuristic peep into the psyche and hope of the middle class parent who wants to see his child as an engineer, doctor or management professional.

One would love to sit back and wash his conscience and happily return home having paid cinematic tribute to this prevailing social malady. Unfortunately not happening. Actually nothing is really happening.

Socially relevant and important one would think but a critical exposure without the required bite is counter productive. Expose the middle class but surely give it the punch. Willing to punch unwilling to hurt.

Of course the hero may be a villain but gal he must have and sing he must. We who criticize the education system for being formulistic and judgmental without being honest do just that with our film. Even the shots of Mumbai are templates and we are critical of how systems fail to salute the innovative!! That much for credibility.

Frustrated with his academic performance particularly in compare with sibling who is now in the West as a successful doctor, our local scamster Rakesh picks Satyenndra (Singhdeep Chaterjee) as his guinea pig and experiments with him to beat the system. So well intentioned!!.

If in the process he is stocking the pile of the currency nothing wrong. Not for his living style and the army of goons he maintains. Also in command is a local politician who helps the committed businessman to hoodwink the education system.

Fortunately for the script and the spoil sport in the scheme of the whistle blower is Inspector Qureshi (Varun Tamta) who is out their with the sole intent of spoiling the party.  Our successful entrepreneur is surely lacking in discretion and is out their inviting the police or the disgruntled element from the politicians camp.

He is so sure that the viewer is sure that he is going to get caught in the act sooner than later. He tackles the best with the attitude of a tail ender batsman playing every shot in the air.

The cast is searched and picked for their mediocre skill sets. After all the film is exactly about that. However there is Emraan Hashmi trying hard and doing his very best to keep things authentic or seemingly so.

He takes the customary smooch and is there is every stale shot in the film but makes up with his sincerity. This why cheat exposure is lacking in punch and more importantly in honesty. There lies the unanswered question : Why Cheat India?