White, spreads awareness amongst people about eye donation


Title: White
Cast: Priyamani, Rocky (dog)
Director: Manu Nag
Voice-over: Amitabh Bachchan
Music: Lovv Pran Mehta
Duration: 6 minutes 7 seconds

Directed by Manu Nag, White has Priyamani and Rocky (the dog) playing the leads. The film is set in a hill station and starts with Priyamani going on a walk with her white Labrador. Shortly thereafter, a major twist kicks in.

The audience, soon, realises that Priyamani is visually-impaired, when the dog disappears from the picture. She takes out the stick, starts her search for Rocky but gets lost in the woods. She shouts for help but gets no response in return. After a while, Rocky comes to her rescue and saves her from that situation.

The film shows how dogs are, indeed, man’s best friend and can go beyond when it comes to loyalty. The emotional attachment has been highlighted while narrating the important message. Both the leads successfully convey the message through their act.

The story makes one realises the moral and the purpose behind the short film at the end, which is laid out through a strong voice over by Amitabh Bachchan. This voice-over ties up the end with the beginning and spreads awareness about eye donation.

It has a strong message for the viewers about the noble cause while encouraging them to come forward and be the reason for somebody’s else smile.

White marks the digital debut of Priyamani and has been produced by S Rajshekar under the banner of Shri Sai Gagan Productions. The music is by Lovv Pran Mehta and cinematography is handled by Siji Jayadevan, and is currently streaming on Lahari YouTube Channel.