When emotions hit the higher note


A singer who looks to the relatable factor as her key to reach out to her audience, city-based singer Rinky Sharma says, “I feel that the emotion conveyed in the song should be something every single person is sure to encounter in the course of their life. I think everyone goes through similar experiences and if they are conveyed through a song, people immediately connect to it,” she explains.

Talking about the album, she says, “Tangled is a collection of five songs, two in Hindi and three in English. Each song talks about a different kind of human emotion — ranging from heartbreak, to passion, to excitement, ambition — and their honesty and highly relatable nature are what ties all of these songs together.”

higher note

Choosing to elaborate on each of the five songs on the albums, she says, “Songs like Ankahi and Somehow are melody-centric and are based on heartbreak; while Ankahi talks about having a little hope that things might work out someday, Somehow talks about the pain one feels when they know that the person they love has already moved on.”

Adding further, she says: “Tangled, which is the title track of the album, talks about living in the moment, while Flame is more of a powerful rock ballad kind of a song which talks about how this this woman keeps going back to the man that she knows is not good for her. And, finally, Zindagi is all about life, its uncertainties, dreams, hopes and so on.”

Song writing is something that happened to Rinky fairly recently but the singer says music has always been a part of her life. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Marketing, the singer says that when she is not singing or writing, her marketing job keeps her busy and is something she is extremely fond of.

higher note

Apart from this, the singer also enjoys spending quality time amidst nature and has a particular liking towards gardening. Spending time with her family and pets is what she does to relax. Rinky essays the roles of a singer, songwriter and guitarist all at once. “I feel overwhelmed all the time because being an independent artiste means you’re your own social media, tour, artiste manager; so, yeah, it is definitely overwhelming but I think its quite rewarding. At least it has been in my case until now,” she adds with a laugh.Currently, the singer is focusing on promoting the album and will soon head out on a multi-city tour for the same. Soon after, she will be busy with the production of her second album.