What kind of phobia grips Rashmika Mandanna?

What kind of phobia grips Rashmika Mandanna?

The Geeta Govindam and Dear Comrade fame, Kannada girl Rashmika Mandanna is currently having a dream run at the Telugu box office. Known for her on-screen presence and beautiful looks, Rashmika was with a feeling during initial days of career that people might not like her on-screen.

After amassing fame, the actor says that she felt truly humbled for the fans’ response to her roles. The actor says that she might be sporting a brave face all the time but she has many fears beneath her heart. However, she had never let her fears appear on her face.

Rashmika finds riding a bike “fun and adventurous” but she doesn’t like to ride pillion. She even loathes riding a bike on deserted city roads. Rashmika hesitates talking in a group. She fears that she may end up making mistakes while talking. The actor doesn’t like comments from audiences such as “she couldn’t do that role properly.”

She is always on her toes when it comes to executing her tasks perfectly. In a way, her fears are helping her to do work with caution. The actor believes that this would increase her passion to win.

With plenty of dream projects in hand, Rashmika is the most sought-after female actors in the south. Makeup-free selfies, drool-worthy photo shoots greet fans on her social media accounts. Rashmika also doesn’t like to give makeup touches to her face unless it is during film shootings.

Recently, the actor had to face a bitter experience when a troller called her a ‘dagar’ by posting a few childhood photographs of her. The post angered Rashmika after which she eventually shot back at him with a series of comments.

In solidarity with her, fans too reacted in support of Rashmika. Her recent post reads, “Let’s spice up things a little. Who’s the celebrity who want to take on a date with and pay for?”