Monday, June 21, 2021

What are the eight basic shots in tennis?

There are eight basic shots that any tennis hopeful will have to learn before they can properly play the game.

Serve: A serve can be the ultimate weapon as performed correctly can be unplayable.
The Forehand: The forehand can be used in two different ways. Forehand return of serve and The Open stance forehand.
The Backhand: The Backhand is a little more tricky to play than the forehead as the shot is played on the left hands side
The Volley: One of the easiest shots.
The Half volley: The hardest shot to master of all.
The Overhead: It is sometimes called the Smash.
The Drop Shot: It is a clever shot that aims to land just over the net.
The Lob: It is a high arching shot with additional hang time.

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