Western groups plan disinformation campaign against Russian vax

Photo: IANS

Moscow: Russian media outlets have said that the US and its allies were plotting a “disinformation campaign” to hurt the credibility of the country’s Sputnik V vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

Such a campaign was made by non-governmental organisations and media in the West, the outlets reported on Friday citing a high-ranking source in the Kremlin as saying.

According to the source, the campaign focused on discrediting the Russian vaccine by fabricating information about its ineffectiveness and even danger to people’s lives, Xinhua news agency reported.

Russia has registered three Covid-19 vaccines, namely Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona and CoviVac.

As of March 4, more than 2 million people in Russia have received both doses and another 2 million have received the first jab since it started mass vaccination last December.