Weekend adventure spots near Hyderabad


Are your weekends going the same way they had always been? Then, you can make them a little adventurous visiting a few nearby places — especially if you love trekking.

Ananthagiri Hills
The place doesn’t only give a splendid experience of trekking but will also make your day introducing picturesque viewpoints and a great experience of trekking amidst greenery. After your trek, you can enjoy ancient cave-like structure and temples. From Hyderabad, the distance is over 80 kilometres.

Weekend adventure spots near Hyderabad

Rachakonda Hills
Built in 14th century AD, the Rachakonda fort in the hills is a great example of fine architecture. The journey through trek feels worth it when you reach the fort and see its beauty. The place is 60 kilometres away from Hyderabad.

Khilla Ghanpur
The place is 120 kilometres away from Hyderabad and is famous amongst the regular trekkers. The place has a history dated back to 1224 AD and this hill fort was built by joining two mountains by Kakatiya King Gona Ganna Reddy. Apart from trekking, the place is suitable for rappelling, kayaking, camping and zip lining.

Koilkonda Fort
The place is 25 kilometres away from Mahboobnagar and situated on a hilltop built during Qutab Shahi dynasty. For the trekkers, it will be a wonderful experience. If one is taking the route from the west, then they have to hike across a deep gorge; if you’re choosing east, then a series of streams will be met and then the steps that lead to the fort. The trekkers have to cross seven gates to reach the fort.

Narsapur Forest
The place is 45 kilometres located north of Hyderabad and the forest is spread across 30 square kilometres. Trekking in this particular area will introduce you to mini-ghats, a huge forest, lakes and hills, flora and fauna, many interesting birds and animals.

“All these places near Hyderabad are ideal for a one-day trekking trip and people come back with amazing experiences of adventure and exploring the places related to history,” says M Srikanth Reddy, co-organiser, Hyderabad Trekking Club.