Waving the flag for FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

For sports fanatics, it’s going to be a back-to-back treat with IPL T20 already on the run and upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. It’s going to be all about hitting to the nearest café screening the matches, cheering, anticipation, and a whole lot of fun, while hoping against hope for your team to win.

Social media scene

And, even though India’s road to FIFA World Cup 2018 was cut short, including Italy’s, it’s not going to stop the fans from being good sports and cheering for the others.

With the release of #MeriDoosriCountry campaign film by Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), social media has been flooded with the hashtag. The film is made for all the football fans, who are ready to adopt another country’s team and support them with all their heart and soul.

‘Aakhir passion ke liye koi passport thodi hota hai…’ the film puts it aptly and succinctly. SPN is set to live telecast the tournament for its Indian viewers in languages like English, Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam.

It’s not just the campaign that’s trending. Don’t be surprised with Facebook users actively posting their top four teams and their predictions cluttering your news feeds. It’s that time that comes every four years to make new friends, groups, and, maybe, even some enemies.

How’s the city gearing up?

Considered to be one of the biggest shows on earth, it’s going to be houseful in screening hangouts and there’s this excitement on every football fan’s face. Rabprit Singh, a big fan of the sport, says, “Thankfully, since FIFA World Cup 2018 will happen in Russia, there won’t be much difference in the timings, which means there won’t be any clashes with work timings.”

The youngster, who is also a football player and has participated in city-based tournaments, adds, “I am hoping India will soon qualify for the World Cup soon because it’s going to be so much better cheering for our own country. Meantime, I am going to support Germany and look forward to a repeat performance from them.”

Similarly, Jayshree, a resident of Gachibowli, says, “Indian football is right now headed in the right direction. Recent performances by both senior national team and U-17 team suggest this. But, the football dream of India qualifying for WC is not going to happen overnight. The team still relies heavily on captain Chhetri alone for goals.” She goes on to add, “The passion and skill Brazilian footballers bring to the field is ‘beautiful’, so I am team Brazil!”