Wake up and save Mother Earth


After reading the storybook – “I can save the Earth!” I realised that many of us are just like Max, the cute little furry monster in the story, who is an environmental nightmare. He leaves on all the lights, keeps his computer plugged in, hoards on his old toys and wastes lots of paper. One day, his excessive usage of power causes a blackout. With no television to watch, video games to play, the power outage forced the little monster to look at the world in a new way that can make a difference in the environment. The little monster realizes how beautiful it is and decides to start picking up litter, playing outside rather than binge-watching gadgets, turning off lights and fans when not in use and reusing bottles and recycling cans and paper.

Well, here the little monster reduced, reused and recycled. But, I think as responsible tenants of the Earth, we should add two more ‘R’s. Rethink – which can be added to the start of the list, is about considering how our actions affect the environment. Recover – refers to the practice of putting waste products to use. For example, decomposing garbage produces methane gas, which can be recovered and burnt to produce energy.

This year Earth Day’s theme also starts ‘R’, “Restore our Earth.”

On this 51st Anniversary of Earth Day (April 22), let’s celebrate the planet’s clean natural resources. It’s time for us to press the ‘Reset’ button on some of our lifestyle choices that will improve our health and can also restore the world’s ecosystems.

Wake up and save Mother Earth

-Srihaan M

Class VI-C

Gitanjali Primary School

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