Visakhapatnam: Special action plan to curb seasonal diseases


Visakhapatnam: District Collector Pravin Kumar on Monday announced that a special action plan would be implemented to control the outbreak of seasonal diseases in the district.

Talking to media persons here, he said that special measures were being implemented in the agency to prevent diseases there. Additional medical personnel were being recruited towards this. “We are appointing doctors and staff on contract basis to control deaths in the agency. Two doctors, 23 staff nurses, 23 pharmacists and 23 multi-purpose health workers, besides 121 Asha workers will be recruited,” he said.

The Collector also disclosed that 22 persons had died this year due to various diseases. A girl child was among them, who died due to malaria, he said.

He also clarified that there was no dearth of funds to provide medical facilities in the agency. It was due to lack of information that the diseases were spreading there leading to deaths. If there was information, free transport would also be provided to shift the patients to hospitals, he added.

He had also instructed that malaria tests be done by asha workers, he revealed.
Noting that mosquito menace caused malaria in the agency, the Collector said that mosquito nets were being distributed and also malathian spray was used there.