Mortal remains of Vidhya Sagar Rao submerged in Krishna

Vidhya Sagar Rao
The son of late Vidhya Sagar Rao, Ramana submerging the cremated remains (chitha Basvam) in river Krishna at Wadapally in Nalgonda district on Wednesday.

Nalgonda: Son of late R Vidhya Sagar Rao, Ramana on Wednesday immersed the ashes of Irrigation guru in Krishna River at Wadapally in the district.

Some of his relatives accompanied Ramana at Wadapally while performing the rituals. The priests performed rituals as per the Hindu tradition before submerging the ash into Krishna River.

Vidhya Sagar Rao served as Advisor to the State government and passed away five days ago. His funeral was performed at Hyderabad.