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‘Vennela’ Kishore’s luck by chance

Every role that Vennela Kishore performed as a comedian has left a great impact on the audience. Having come from a different background, he didn’t expect to be where he is now!

That ‘luck by chance’ offer he grabbed in 2005 for Vennela brought him till Saaho and he has a long way to go. He will be next seen in Mahanubhavudu, Raju Gari Gadhi 2, and Na Peru Surya Na Illu India. In an exclusive interview, he shared his likes, dislikes and many other things. Read on…

Kishore from Kamareddy

Born and brought up in Kamareddy district, Telangana, he completed schooling there and moved to Hyderabad in Intermediate. While pursuing undergraduation, he kept switching from one course to another, besides learning Java and other software courses. But, Kishore was never sure about what to do next. In those days, he recollects, going to the US and taking up a software job was the trend.

“So, I decided to fly there and completed a one-year course to make it a plus point to get Visa. Just like everyone, I went to Chennai and got my Visa. After going there too, my financial status and position didn’t improve. I used to work at many places, including gas stations. After six months, I bagged a good job and thought my life was settled,” he says.

When Vennela became his surname

Upon coming to know that auditions were being organised for Vennela and they were looking for people to work in different departments, Kishore and friends tried and got selected. “I joined the writers department. Due to some reason, the actor who had to play the role of Khader couldn’t turn up to the shoot and that’s when I was asked to pitch in for the role,” he says.

Initially, though, he didn’t expect the film to be a big hit, but just wanted it to do well at the box office. But the reviews made him happy. “I was invited to India to attend the 50 days function of Vennela and was overwhelmed after seeing that people recognise me. Slowly, I started getting offers,” adds the ace comedian.

‘Sastry’, a game changer

“After acting in films like Current, Bindaas and Orange came the offer of playing Sastry in Dookudu. This was a big role in a big movie, which had expectations. This role was very challenging for me, as many of my co-stars said that the role of Sastry would have been much better if a senior comedian played it. They thought I don’t deserve that role,” says Kishore who made it an opportunity to prove himself.

Many such roles came his way, the recent being in Anando Brahma. When he was offered to play the role of a hearing-impaired person who also has night blindness, Kishore thought what he didn’t have anything to do in the movie. But after the movie was released, he was shocked to see the way it added comedy to the film. “I never expected it to be so beautiful on-screen when it gels with the whole plot. Yes, it was challenging to play a role like that, but I learnt a lot from it,” he says.

Compliments and criticism

These two words take the actor into a different state and he’s happy receiving criticism. “I take those comments sportively and they don’t bother me much. Likewise, I don’t focus on compliments either. But, one compliment that I will cherish for a lifetime is from Sai Dharam Tej’s mother,” he adds. Apparently, after watching Ami Thumi, she called Kishore and said that she couldn’t stop laughing for a long time even after coming back home. She also told him that she liked the way he performed and she enjoyed watching the movie.

‘I’m what I’m’

He may play comedy roles in films, but as a person, he’s quite reserved and makes sure his privacy is not disturbed by public attention. “I take time to gel with people around and once they become close, I slowly start making conversations. I talk only about general things and don’t indulge in conversations that may land me in trouble or controversy,” says the cautious actor who used to take books to sets initially and would read during breaks.

“When I did this, people thought ‘US se aaya hai tho ego hoga, he doesn’t mingle and only reads on sets’. So now, I started watching movies and interesting videos on my iPad,” adds Kishore whose close friends like Rahul Ravindran, Adivi Sesh, Sai Dharam Tej and Samantha alone know what he is.

On inspiring people

Brahmanandam and Kota Srinivasa Rao are his inspiration in the comedy genre. “We think that heroes are just actors. But as humans, many actors are down to earth. I used to be surprised by them sometimes. After earning such fame and fan-following, they are simple and inspiring. Hats off to them,” he says.

Likes & dislikes

Kishore enjoys eating and sleeping. “I am a big foodie and don’t mind eating too much as I workout to burn those calories,” says the comedian who hates travelling and long journeys. “I love to stay at home. Instead of going to a restaurant, I prefer ordering the food and savouring it at home,” he adds.

A fan of Apple products, he’s not really into cars and bikes, but is a self-proclaimed bookworm. “My backup plan is to get back to that job from where I came,” he concludes.

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