Unable to kick the habit? You should read this!

Unable to kick the habit? You should read this!

Most lifestyle blogs or books tells you to give that glass of wine or cigarette, a miss. And, there are countless books that advise you to say or think no, without giving practical tips on how to go about it. Live Well To 101, a wellness guide by doctor and television presenter Dawn Harper, lists useful tips to quit smoking:

•Cigarettes don’t contain just nicotine, but a range of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals you wouldn’t want near your body. Next time, you reach for a cigarette that looks quite appealing, imagine yourself licking tarmac, chewing on rubber cement or drinking a cocktail of battery acid, lighter fuel and nail varnish remover.

•If you get the opportunity to talk to a smoker who has developed diseases as a result of smoking, knowing their stories might help put off your habit.

•To quit, go public! Telling everyone will keep you motivated. Also put aside cigarette money for something special, like a personal reward or charity.

•It’s easier never to start than it is to quit. Spread the message.

Letting go of alcohol

•Don’t wait for warning signs. They may not come. Be honest with yourself about your consumption and start putting in dry days in your diary.

•Recognise your triggers and work on them. For instance, if you reach for the bottle when your kids are asleep, find ways to keep yourself occupied and not be tempted.

•Offer to drive when you go out — it gives you the perfect excuse to not drink.

•Understand your alcohol intake. Beers and wines have become stronger over the years, so you may be taking in more units than you should, as well as more calories.