Fashion tips: Tried peppy pants yet?


Jeans and leggings have become a routine nowadays. But when transformed into a new avatar, they are a hit. To make a style statement through your outfit, trying a pair of printed pants is not a bad idea. If you are not sure how to pull them off, try these tips.

Mix & match

As they are printed, they may not go well with printed tops. At the same time, the complete outfit should not be of the same colour. Especially when you have various patterns on them, pick any one colour from them and try to wear a plain top or a t-shirt. A long-sleeved shrug with matching accessories can give you a perfect look.

Height to weight

Printed pants may not suit everyone as they are tight, loose and baggy with a wide range of fittings. You need to wear an appropriate top according to the type of pant you choose as balancing what you wear is a must. For example, tight-fitting pant can be paired with flowy tops and loose pants with tops that can make you look slimmer.

Tips to figure

On printed pants, right accessories can go a long way in completing your look. While choosing a handbag that could match with what you wear, see to it that it matches one of the colours of the prints on your pants. The heels or wedges you wear also need to match with the pants. And, both accessories need to be in the same colour or at least match the lines in the pants.

Mind the size

Well, choosing any print size may spoil your look. So, keep in mind the size of the print you are wearing along with the colour. Never let the print dominate you as it is you who is wearing it. Select smaller prints if you’re tall and thin, as medium-sized prints can go well with those who look short.