Torbaaz presents battle of two ideologies: Rahul Dev

Rahul Dev
Aarya Babbar, Rahul Dev start shooting for a crime thriller series. (Photo: IANS)

Mumbai: Rahul Dev plays a pivotal role in the upcoming Sanjay Dutt-starrer Torbaaz. He says the film is primarily about a battle of ideologies of two perspectives in a war-torn situation that is ruining the future generation.

“It is an interesting story and I watched a BBC documentary as part of preparation for my role. My character is an Afghan leader who has become an extremist. He is a man who has a battle of ideology with the protagonist of the film, played by Sanjay Dutt. But it is not a physical fight or action. It is the difference between two ideologies rather than one playing villain,” Rahul told IANS.

Set against the backdrop of political conflict in Afghanistan, the film revolves around children in Afghan refugee camps who are being trained to become suicide bombers, and how their childhood has been snatched away by endless war and genocide. Sanjay Dutt plays a cricket coach who starts training these children, in a bid to offer them the normalcy of their childhood.

“In the documentary I watched, a White journalist lives with an Afghani extremist in a cave somewhere in the valley. The extensive report and their conversation gave me great insight. Both side of the argument is backed by a great script, and that makes Torbaaz an eye-opener,” shared Rahul.

“The conflict lies in the mind of two people, one who is stuck in a situation that he is left with no choice, and the other who says that the new generation has to start afresh. But people who are victims of injustice for years, is it easy for them to start afresh?” pointed out Rahul.

Directed by Girish Malik, Torbaaz also features Nargis Fakhri, Gavie Chahal, and Pransh Chopra. The film releases on Netflix on December 11.