Tips to deal with picky eaters

picky eaters

Younger kids often fuss a lot when it comes to eating. The behaviour usually surfaces from the time your child is old enough to eat on their own and goes on till their early teens (and sometimes longer than that). Forcing them to sit down and eat or raising your voice at them which is not of much help. They might cry and eat for that day, but things will go back to square one, the next day. If you want your child to eat healthy and without a fuss, you need to play smart, make it look like all of it was their idea.

Mini chefs

Involving your kid in the preparation of the meal is an interesting way of teaching them to not waste food. Once they start to understand the amount of time and effort that goes into preparing the meal, they will start showing better respect towards it.

Slow additions

Carefully observe the kind of food your child has a liking to and come up with interesting ways to add healthy substitutes to it.

Colourful food

 Trick those picky eaters

Children often like colourful things. Use this to your advantage and add multiple colours to their plate, so that it is eye catching, which may push them to tasting it.

Themed plates

picky eaters

The choice of plates also helps you in convincing your kid to stay put in their chairs. Pick a plate of your child’s favourite cartoon and they will eat anything you put in it. A board game theme plate is something you can try. The plate looks just like a board game with tiny compartments. You can put veggies, fruits and any other food in their respective compartments while adding a few treats here and there so that after finishing a compartment or two of healthy food, your child is rewarded with a few treats.

Fruit art

Emoticons and artistic plating is sure to make your kid pause long enough for you to convince them to eat. The process isn’t very high on the difficulty scale and is also one of the sure-shot ways into getting your kid to try new stuff.

Interesting cutlery

Trick those picky eaters

Using themed cutlery, like super hero spoons or animal-headed forks to increase their interest. You can allow them to use this ‘special cutlery’ as an early reward for wiping the plate clean.

Cartoonish water sippers

picky eaters

Kids, in general lack patience, which will soon disappear by the time they are done with their last bite. They are always in a hurry to jump off the chair, but most of the times will run away without drinking water. Give them water in cartoonish sippers so that they can just grab the sipper and run off. This will give them the satisfaction of outsmarting you, and will get them to drink water, which is exactly what you wanted.