Time to move on

move on

Exes are subtle reminders that not everyone is forever. Right when you are trying to get over that painful breakup, running into them at every social gathering can be a hindrance to the healing process. Given the nature of your history together with ex, it is quite understandable when you have a mutual circle of friends, same hangout spaces and sometimes, get invited to the same event. Things can get quite tricky if conversations with friends or the ex are not handled with care.

Be prepared

If your intuition says that your ex would also have received an invite to the same party as you did, it is best to ask around to confirm the news. When you are at an emotionally fragile space, being well-prepared for the situation to come should keep you from unpleasant encounters with your ex. Make a mental note of how the conversation should be, what you will talk about and what would be avoided. Playing the situation out in your head would make it less awkward as it is possible that your ex might bring a date along.

Keep things cordial

No matter how the breakup happened, it is not necessary that you hold the past against them. Be the bigger person and initiate the conversation. Smiling, saying ‘Hi’ would never hurt, and it would in fact, ease the atmosphere around you. And if the friends make the situation a little awkward, apologise and excuse yourself from the setting. You should always be able to let go and respect what you had; and a party or social gathering is not a place to discuss your breakup.

Be considerate

While one might be brave enough to knowingly run into their ex before they get over them, it is not advisable to face them while the hurt is still raw. Staying at a distance and cutting off friends that are related to your ex is not wrong, as putting yourself first should be the priority. Give yourself some space and be considerate about what you are going through. Forcing your friends to pick sides or be middlemen should be avoided.