Three in possession of narcotics/psychotropic drugs, held


Hyderabad: In a major crackdown, Prohibition and Excise police on Sunday arrested three persons who were in alleged possession of narcotic/psychotropic drug substances here. The clientele of the suspects is said to also include some big names from the film industry and even school children.

The suspects arrested were identified as Mohammad Abdul Waheb (20) a resident of Chandrayangutta, Mohammad Abdul Quddos (20) of Ismail Nagar and Calvin Mascarenhas (19) of Bowenpally.

The Prohibition and Excise director (enforcement) Akun Sabharwal told pressperons today that the trio was caught during raids conducted by the department in twin cities over the last two days.

They were found possessing narcotic and psychotropic substances which were identified as LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) and MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), he said.

The excise police during the interrogation had learnt that trio had purchased the drugs by contacting drug peddlers in Chicago through internet.

“They conducted a recce for the drug peddlers over the internet. After coming to know that some persons from Chicago were selling the drugs, they contacted them through dark web. After the deal got finalised, the money was been sent in Bitcoins,” he said.

From them, the police seized 700 dots or squares of LSD each costing Rs.3000 and 35 grams of MDMA with each gram costing Rs.4000. The total drugs seized would cost Rs.22.4 lakh, he said, and added the same was being sold for exorbitant rates to the prospective buyers in the city.

According to a senior officer, the police suspect the role of a reputed film producer in the business. “The gang was selling the contraband to one highly reputed film producer among others and the details will be revealed once the investigation is completed,” he said.

LSD which is sold in the form of tablets and capsules or in liquid form is commonly added to absorbent paper and divided into small decorate squares, while MDMA which is known as ecstasy is a psychoactive drug used primarily as a recreational drug.

A tiny amount of LSD can produce 12-hours or more of effects and MDMA stays for nearly 3 hours to 6 hours, Sabharwal said.