This eatery goes places

tiffin centre
The youths who started mobile tiffin center. Photo: Arrangement

Karimnagar: “We Serve More Than Expected” is the caption of this mobile tiffin centre. Impressed by the caption and the taste of the food here, people have been coming to this mobile eatery being operated by unemployed youths.

Instead of depending on others for employment, four youths have started their own business and are providing employment to four others. In the wake of growing importance of eateries and people’s priority to eat outside in the evenings, four commerce graduates started a mobile tiffin centre a few months ago.

Siddam Raju, Karuka Prakash Reddy, Boga karthik and Ch Anil started the business by spending Rs 8 lakh. Since the eatery moves from one place to another, it was named ‘Food Buggy’.

The buggy would reach Jyothinagar Municipal Grounds at 5 pm in the evening and stay there till 11 pm. About 20 dishes, such as idli, dosa, wada, bajji, puri and sarva pindi are available here. Regular dishes cost Rs 20 and special ones Rs 40 each.

Besides running this eatery, the youth are also serving food for several large functions.Speaking to Tabloid Today, Raghu said, “To stand on our own feet and provide employment to others, we decided to run a business. While searching for a new concept, we met with a couple who were operating a number of mobile eateries in Hyderabad. That is how we started the business.”

The youth also take the eatery to functions, including marriages and other big events, if the order is for more than 400 people. The four distribute work equally. So far, everything has been going on smoothly, said Raghu, and added that they are trying to provide quality food to customers without expecting much profit.

Prakash Reddy said they purchased a four-wheeler autorickshaw at Rs 2 lakh and modified it by spending another Rs 4 lakh on it.

Another Rs 2 lakh was spent to procure cooking material such as bowls, stoves and other equipment.


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