This artist reimagines icons as modern influencers

modern influencers

An artist from Portugal who goes by the name Untitled Save on Instagram shows us the delights of photoshop and a limitless imagination by showing us what iconic stars would look like if they ever became modern-day influencers. From Freddie Mercury in his famous stance in the David Oath of the Horatii painting to Mona Lisa casually browsing records in a store, the series is a visual treat.modern influencers

modern influencersEccentric artist Salvador Dali’s visage is recreated as a denim garbed influencer with his signature upturned moustache.

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo looks uber cool casually hanging out in the street. King of Pop who left fans crying due to his untimely death is seen hitting all the right notes, albeit on a skateboard. Check out the best here and if you want to see more, find him on Instagram under Untitled.Save.