Thieves snatch 9 million euros in heist


Lyon: Thieves made off with nine million euros in cash in the southeastern French city of Lyon on Friday in an armed attack on an armoured security vehicle, prosecutors said.

The theft is believed to be the biggest such cash heist in France since notorious robber Toni Musulin in 2009 made off with 11.6 million euros ($13.8 million), most of which was subsequently recovered.

The vehicle was attacked at around 9 am (local time) by several armed individuals as it came out of a branch of the Bank of France in Lyon.

No one was injured in the attack on the vehicle belonging to the Loomis security company “but the losses amount to nine million euros (about $10.7 million)”, prosecutors said in a statement to source.

“The perpetrators managed to immediately flee after committing the act.” Local reports said two vans blocked the armoured vehicle, one in front and one behind.

The robbers threatened the driver, took the money, and fled in two vehicles later found burnt.

“It was an audacious attack, right in the city centre,” Loomis chief executive Michel Tresch told source. “The most important thing is that the cash escorts are safe and sound,” he added.