The thrilling novel is a valuable addition to any library


The Hound of Baskervilles is a novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This novel shows a case where the death of Charles Baskerville unfolds mysterious events. The life of Sir Henry the heir to the Baskerville Hall is in danger since the moor is haunted by a legendary hound. The story starts like this… Hugo Baskerville, the ancestor of Sir Henry Baskerville was the owner of the Baskerville Hall, a big house in Devonshire, England. But according to a curse the Baskerville Hall was presented with an eerie spectacle on a night. The moon was hidden behind the clouds and it was drizzling. The pitch darkness was relieved only by flashes of lightning.

Hugo Baskerville saw a black dog with fiery eyes like red lava. The huge dog jumped on him and killed him. Since that time all the heirs of the Baskerville hall had died. Even Charles Baskerville was found dead. He had no children, so the new owner of the Baskervilles hall was his nephew Sir Henry Baskerville. But there was a possibility of Sir Henry being in danger. So he appointed the quick-witted detective, Sherlock Holmes for this case.

Is the legend of the hound real? Who or what is living in the secrecy of the moors? Is the Baskerville curse real or just a rumour. What will Sherlock Holmes along with his assistant Watson do? : are the questions that will be answered in the rest of the book. According to me, it is a spectacular and awe-inspiring story.

The book was very good and gripping. At times it was even nail-biting. What I like the best about the book was the conversation between Sir Henry and Holmes and later on… where they found the major clues required for solving the mystery. However, the language is quite old-fashioned. When I read the book I felt as if I had entered into the uncanny world of whodunits. Overall, it was really fun to read the book. The reader will surely find delight in reading this thrilling novel which is a valuable addition to any library. I would recommend this book to mystery lovers and fans of detective and crime fiction. Do not miss the chance to read this fantastic book!

Suyyani Rout,

Class VII-F,

St. Andrews School, Bowenpally

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