The in-between spring essentials


We are moving towards spring, and during this ‘in-between period’ it feels like it is still winter sometimes, but it’s sunny and then windy too – a confusing time of the year, right? As you try to adapt to this season, your style statement can also go for a toss. So, at times like this we need to know what to wear and what not to. For starters, check this list of wardrobe essentials to keep you in the game.

Anything see-through

When its spring, socks is an essential accessory. The most stylish way to pair quirky socks is with see-through oxford shoes and even stilettoes. This combo looks high-fashion and is a head-turner. Other than shoes, see-through bags, belts and sunglasses can up your street-style look, while tuning with the season.

Midi skirts

From metallic to floral prints and solid pastel colours midi skirts – this is the right time to flaunt them. Just be extra careful if the day turns out to be way too windy.


If you think it’s too warm to wear jeans or trousers and too cold to wear shorts, culottes is the answer. And if you still think just playing with the colours is too basic, dungaree culottes is another trend that’s catching up.

Anything denim

Denims are our best friends. They are versatile, always in vogue and are a wardrobe staple for every season. Be it a denim jacket, jeans, shirt or a skirt flaunt them the way you want and show your love for it.