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The force is strong with this one: Star Wars

Few franchises are as iconic or steeped in sci-fi history like Star Wars. One of the most recognised names, Star Wars has failed to make it big as a video game since the ‘Knights of the Old Republic’. The less than enthusiastic approval of the Battlefront franchise and its only multiplayer nature meant that ‘Jedi Fallen Order’ was the first game with a single player campaign and a new plot.

The game situates its campaign in a completely new trajectory of the stories, and it begins everything afresh. The plot is gripping, and the game’s style does everything to elevate the Star Wars experience. The light sober combat style is inspired from the souls’ series and the combat style, moves and combinations are very well defined. The speed and at times frenetic action often needs you to be at your best.

The force is strong with this one: Star Wars

The challenge with the game here though is not for the players but for the developers. Designing for the ‘force’ (integral part of the Star Wars universe) and its invisible nature superlative ability is extremely difficult; either you can overpower it and make the game less challenging or under power it to make things considerably difficult. Here the force is severely underpowered, and the game almost makes you conserve it and not use it; something that couldn’t have been an intended element.

The force is strong with this one: Star Wars

Similarly, the enemies you face are just as unbalanced as well. You either run through hordes of them with not so much as a scratch or you face an enemy so difficult that it is nearly impossible to beat them. Apart from the balancing issues, this game can be quite an experience. The visuals are stunning and the music true to the legacy of Star Wars makes everything so much more memorable.

Give this one a try if you are priming yourself up for the Rise of Skywalker.

The force is strong with this one: Star Wars

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