Saturday, June 19, 2021

The destination of glistening snow, sunshine and blue skies  

For many people who were stuck in the city during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, it’s not too late to pack your bags and take a break.

Maybe, it’s a blessing in disguise because you’re right in time for fresh snow in the North of India. The intense cold conditions in the North have resulted in a picturesque view. If you’ve had it with the pollution, smog and rainy winter weather, it’s time to visit the small yet popular destination — Manali.

With fresh snowfall, clear blue skies and starry nights, this destination in the Himalayas has a postcard setting. While getting there might not be easy, it’s well worth the trouble. A short flight from the Capital or a seven-hour drive from Chandigarh will have you sitting on a carpet of snow, cuddling up in front of a fire or watching your kids build their very first snowman.

While Bollywood would like you to believe most of their snow-capped frames are set in Switzerland, you would be happy to know that Manali has been in their top three destinations for decades. Don’t be surprised if you spot a sari-clad heroine freezing on the sets of some big ticket film or an action scene being filmed in knee-deep snow.

For those who have had to forgo their annual ski trip to Kashmir, fret not as Manali has its own ski slopes which are extremely popular with the local community. For those who are adventurous and experienced enough, you could even try out the Heli skiing options.

There are plenty of hotels you can check into, the Mall Road has many options which are close to the hustle-bustle. The villages, too, have options for homestays and bed and breakfast places. If you prefer a quiet boutique option, there are is a heritage hotel and a few boutique properties that you can hide away in.

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