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Tête-à-tête with Maud Andrieux

Maud Andrieux, a French theatre artiste was in the city to perform her play — L’Amant as part of Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival 2018. L’Amant is an adaptation from one the famous works of Marguerite Duras. Maud Andrieux started her theatrical journey at the age of 7 to get out of her introvert shell, but eventually fell in love with the stage, lights, and the audience. And as the love blossomed, she never considered taking up any other career path.

She talks more about her love for theatre in a conversation with Tabloid Today:

Theatre journey

I was a very shy and timid as a kid. To get me out of that zone, my mother put me into theatre. She believed that theatre would be a good place for me to decrease my inhibitions. And it worked! I cannot thank my mother enough for showing me this wonderful path.

The Catalyst

I continued to pursue my career in theatre. When I was studying theatre in Bordeaux Montaigne, I realised that I can be my other self, while I am on the stage and I loved that. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment I decided to make a career out of it. But, I remember my nine-year-old self expressing the desire to be on stage. So, maybe, theatre was destined for me.

Memorable play

I feel very happy whenever I play Marguerite Duras, who was a French novelist, playwright, screenwriter, essayist, and experimental filmmaker. The best thing about Marguerite Duras is that her writing is very simple; her vocabulary easily understandable. Her writing is so visual that you can literally picture everything through her writing. I have forever admired her writing and enjoy adapting her works.

If not theatre…

Nothing! I cannot imagine myself doing anything else other than theatre. All I know is being on the stage and taking care of my two kids. That’s my world.

Movies Vs Plays

I have been part of a few movies as well, but I would prefer to be associated with plays any day. You don’t get to have that connect with audience through films. Also, theatre is a place where you can be what you are and you can say what you want to say which is not the case with movies.

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