Telugu man and son drown in swimming pool in US

swimming pool
Nagaraju Surepalli, with his son Anant Sai.

Hyderabad: In a tragic mishap, a techie and his three year old son drowned in a swimming pool in the clubhouse of their Glens of Northville apartment complex on Wednesday morning (IST), according to reports reaching here.

Telugu community representatives living in a nearby house told Telangana Today that those drowned were Nagaraju Surepalli (31) and his son Anant Sai (3). The Northville police have withheld the identity of the drowned persons, as is their procedure. The autopsies are to be conducted later in the day.

Below is a video published by, the news website which reported the incident first:


There were no eye-witnesses to the drowning and their two floating bodies were found by a couple who walked into the clubhouse which has the swimming pool. The police found a tricycle and small toys by the pool, indicating that the son and father could have been playing on poolside.

It was not immediately known about the domicile of Nagaraju, but one of his close friends stated in a message on social media that Nagaraju was in the United States on a work visa given by Infosys.

His friends in Telugu community began a fundraising campaign to help the bereaved family on and till the filing of this report, more than 40,000 US dollars. As per the information culled from the facebook pages, Nagaraju’s wife is Bindu.

The American Telangana Association (ATA) president Ram Mohan Reddy Konda said efforts were being made to help the family members of the deceased.

Nagaraju is an alumnus of Vignan Engineering College in Vadlamudi, and Majety Guravaiah High School in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. 

Police in Northville said they received an emergency call after a couple noticed at least one body lying in the clubhouse pool and alerted staff, who pulled out the two bodies.