Telangana Tourism draws up special packages across State

Telangana Tourism Bogatha

Hyderabad: Winters will no longer be just cool for the Telangana State Tourism Department (TSTD), but are likely to turn money spinners as well.

The department, aiming at cashing in on the beauty and pleasant weather during winter, has drawn up special packages for tourists to visit Warangal, Jinnaram and Nagarjunasagar.

According to officials, the end of monsoon and the beginning of winter is perhaps the best time to visit Telangana, especially for those who want to move around and explore picturesque locales in the State. Towards the end of monsoon, the forests are lush green while the water bodies are filled to the brim. The winter that follows brings in pleasant temperatures that are ideal for sight-seeing and exploration.

“Every part of the State is bright and beautiful during this season. It is usually the peak tourist season. This year, TSTD has come up with special day and night packages to some of these scenic locations such as Laknavaram lake, Bogatha waterfalls and the forests in Jinnaram,” B Manohar, Executive Director, TSTDC said.

Telangana Tourism draws up special packages across State

These include a special two days and one night package to Nagarjunasagar from Hyderabad. After reaching Nagarjunasagar, tourists will be taken on a cruise covering the historic Buddhist site of Nagarjuna Konda museum and to experience many other activities. After an overnight stay, the second day schedule commences with a yoga session.

Also, a two days and one night Warangal Heritage Tour has been designed by TSTD in which tourists will be able to visit the famous Yadagirigutta temple, Ramappa temple with an overnight stay at the picturesque Laknavaram lake. The second day will cover Bogatha waterfalls before returning to the city.

For nature enthusiasts, the Tourism Department has planned an exclusive three days and two nights Jannaram Wildlife Expedition where tourists will visit the beautiful Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Saptha Kuntala waterfalls and indulge in adventure sports activities such as hiking after which they will get to see the locals perform the Gussadi Dance and then taste local delicacies for dinner. Also arranged at Saptha Kuntala waterfalls are bullock cart rides and hiking from Pittaguda.

Telangana Tourism draws up special packages across State


Lying in Nalgonda district, Nagarjunasagar is one of the most popular landmarks of the State and a site of spectacular man-made marvel. It is also the world’s tallest masonry dam built over Krishna river. The town is also famous for an island named Nagarjuna Konda where relics of the Buddhist civilization are preserved. A visit to this absolutely captivating site will connect you with nature and various aspects of Buddhism.

Telangana Tourism draws up special packages across State


Historical importance, stunning landscapes, clean lakes and lush green forests is what this beautiful town is all about. With both natural beauty and man-made wonders, Warangal is a beautiful city with a glorious past. A trip to Warangal from Hyderabad is a must for all those who are looking to return with pleasant memories and spend some quality time with family or friends.


Home to several varieties of flora and fauna, Jinnaram and the beautiful Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-see that offers a perfect get away amidst abundance of nature and verdant forests. Jinnaram is a perfect opportunity for nature lovers to visit the exotic wildlife destinations in the district of Adilabad.