Telangana tourism dept launches multi-lingual helpline for tourists

Telangana Tourism

Hyderabad: In a unique initiative to help foreign tourists in the time of distress, the Telangana government has launched a 24×7 toll free multi-lingual tourist helpline available on 1800111363 or short code 1363.

The initiative has been taken up by the tourism wings of State and Union government for dissemination of information and assistance for tourists. The service will be available in different languages including ten international languages – Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, the tourism department said the objective of the multi-lingual helpline was to provide information on travel and tourism in India for both domestic and international tourists. It will also advise callers during the times of distress, if any, and alert the concerned authorities, if required.

Telangana Tourism has also introduced a 24×7 toll free number 040-65696939 and 1800-425-46464 which could be accessed between 7.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

To ensure safety of tourists, special Tourist Police have been deployed at prominent tourist destinations of Hyderabad and they will also be acting as guides and closely monitor the safety and security of visiting tourists, the release added.

No Selfies Please!

The Telangana Tourism department has urged the citizens to desist taking selfies from boats, banks of the water bodies such as lakes, dams, etc., at animal enclosures in zoo parks and sanctuaries and while travelling in bus, at railway platforms or near railway tracks, roads, monuments, forts or from the edge of any elevated land or building. The advisory was made in view of such practises resulting in accidents.