Telangana: Pooja Gollas demand ST tag

Gangireddulu take out a rally from NG College to Town Hall in Nalgonda to highlight their demand on Monday.

Nalgonda: Along with 50 decked up bullock, players of Gangireddulu on Monday took out a rally from NG College to Town Hall in Nalgonda to highlight their demand.

During the rally, they performed different feats that attracted the attention of people leading to a gathering. The rally passed through Clock Tower Centre, Maisaiah Statue centre and concluded at town hall.

Speaking at the meeting, Gangireddula Hakkula Porata Samithi national president Gunakanala Seethanna said the Gangireddulavallu, who were also called as Pooja Gollas, were one of the community which was still far way from getting the benefits of welfare schemes of government in the county.

There were 2.7 lakh people from Pooja Golla community in Telangana, he said and added that they were living in small huts, which were far away from the villages due to societal reasons. He said children of the community were denied education as the community was semi-nomadic.

Now, Pooja Gollas come under BC(A) category, he demanded the State government to include Pooja Gollas in ST list. He urged the government to distribute three acres of land to each family of Gangireddulavallu to improve their living conditions.

In addition to this, double bedroom houses should be allocated to all families of the community as they had been living in small huts for the decades. He also requested the government to provide the opportunity to the people of the community in nominated posts.

He said along with decked bullocks and family members, Gangireddulavallu would plan to lay seize the Legislative Assembly, if the State government failed to accept their demands.