Telangana making rapid strides, says CM KCR

File Photo of CM K Chandrashekhar Rao

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has called for all parties and sections to be participants in the development of the State, which he said, was moving at a rapid pace on the economic front.

Sources said that the Chief Minister, while addressing BC public representatives from all political parties, shared his views on a wide range of issues including Parliamentary democracy, policy consistency in a democratic polity, US-China struggle for supremacy on economic front, the recently concluded Global Entrepreneurs Summit and the economic buoyancy in the State.

“We were all participants in the Telangana statehood movement. Let us all also be participants in its development now. There is no dearth of funds or deficiency on any front,” he said.

Speaking about the initial hiccups faced by the new State, the Chief Minister said there was utter confusion when the TRS came to power in June 2014. “There was tremendous non-cooperation from AP, and for nearly seven months, there was acute shortage of All India Service and other officers,” he said.

He said Telangana’s economic situation before the bifurcation was far different from the situation it is in now. “It was only Hyderabad State. The present Telangana was the same as recommended by Fazalali Commission,” he said, pointing out that the first 10 months was all confusion.

Only in the second financial year did the government gain better understanding including the positive and negative aspects of the State’s financial situation. “We slowly became very strong and achieved excellent growth and could achieve additional FRBM of 0.5 per cent from the Centre,” he said.

Outlining the objectives behind forming new districts, the Chief Minister said that small districts would ensure better reach for the district Collectors since they would be in a position to have details of each and every family on their fingertips. “It would also ensure poverty alleviation to a great extent and will bring many above poverty level, and the overall administration becomes easier,” the Chief Minister observed.

Arguing in favour of policy consistency, Chandrashekhar Rao is reported to have remarked that only when there is an unambiguous understanding on various issues pertaining to people based on realities would the real benefit accrue to the people. “In a democratic set-up, there is every possibility of tremendous learning if only one starts thinking above party affiliations and bias. In the evolutionary democratic process, there is a lot of reform in it implicitly,” he said.

“In a democratic system, governments change after a stipulated time period and one political party gives way to its opponent. Correspondingly, priorities might also change which is but natural and this is always in tune with the aims and objectives of the party that comes to power,” he said. However, there need not be obvious alterations in the country’s foreign policy or defence policy, he added.

The GES is an example of policy consistency. The GES was started by former US President Barack Obama and the present President Donald Trump continued with it, he said, adding that the two don’t belong to the same political party.

The Chief Minister also sought to remove misconception about the expenditure incurred by the State on conducting the GES. “The TS government  did not spend anything in organising it. Very few are aware of the entire gamut of this summit. Critics however made some hostile comments on the expenditure incurred by the State government. As a matter of fact, the State government has not spent any amount on the summit except for hosting a dinner for the delegates at Golconda Fort,” he said.

Referring to the World Economic Forum, he said the WEF meets twice a year in China. “The US, which plays a dominant role on several fronts including economic, is not in favour of WEF meets. The US has no role to play in WEF activity. In fact, Obama started the GES to checkmate WEF,” he said.

On how the summit came to Hyderabad, Chandrashekhar Rao said Trump requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to host the eighth summit, and he welcomed it. “He entrusted the job to NITI Aayog. Eight States in India competed to host and finally Hyderabad was selected,” he said.