Telangana to launch Smart Streets Lab programme


Hyderabad: In order to reduce road accidents and build more safety on the roads for all stakeholders, the Telangana government has partnered with WRI India Ross Centre to launch Smart Streets Lab programme.

With the lab, the government endeavours to source technological interventions from smart devices to product innovation so as to make streets secure, equitable and easy-to-navigate.
For this purpose, the WRI India has set up a challenge and has invited application for projects designed by either startups or individual entrepreneurs. The challenge closes on September 1 and the bootcamp will start in mid September. This camp is supported by Indian school of business and also Bosch which has a lab in Bengaluru.

“The pilot study of the projects will start on October and we should be ready to implement some of the projects by November,” said jyot chadha, director, urban innovation, WRI India Ross Centre.

“From the government’s side we ensure to provide all kind of support for this project and all the data will be provided as part of our open data policy. In addition, we will also involve other stakeholders like police, transport department among others to identify specific issues and to provide relevant data,” said Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary, Telangana.

The challenge will work on four broad areas of interest – road accidents, pedestrian safety, gender equity, driver-focused initiatives. Interested people can apply for the challenge on