Telangana Health Minister bats for organ donation

Health and Family Welfare Minister C Laxma Reddy at a blood donation campaign held by HMTV/ The Hans India and the Red Cross Society of Mahabubnagar.

Mahabubnagar: Health and Family Welfare Minister C Laxma Reddy has appealed to the people of Telangana to come forward to donate organs and blood to save the lives of others and said that he himself had given consent for his organs to be donated after his death.
He was speaking at a blood donation campaign held by HMTV/ The Hans India and the Red Cross Society of Mahabubnagar on the occasion of May Day on Tuesday.

“There are taboos about donating blood among the people that they may lose their health. Let me tell them that in villages there are motors in open wells which draw water out of the well. If water is not drawn for 10 days or so, then the water becomes dirty. Our blood is also the same. Old blood donated means new blood being produced and it is good for both the donor and the one receiving blood,” he said.

He said that Mahabubnagar was among the top on blood donation in the state and that organ donation has been seeing an upward trend after the formation of Telangana through Jeevandan initiative.

Suggesting the media to give more publicity and create awareness among the people on organ and blood donation, he said that media could also play an important role in educating the people about precautionary measures to stay healthy.

Pointing-out how Sri Lanka had declared itself as malaria-free country a couple of years ago, he said the same could be achieved by maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in rural areas by eradicating mosquitoes which spread diseases.

He said that Telangana had gone from 65 per cent immunisation before its formation to 90 per cent presently and that Basti Health Centres were being setup in Hyderabad, which would soon be extended to all municipal areas as well.

By taking several healthcare initiatives like setting-up of palliative care centres, blood banks and also the new infertility care centres, Telangana was soon progressing in the field of healthcare, the kind of rapid progress which couldn’t be seen anywhere else in the country.

During the event, he also disclosed that the State government was going to setup Thalassaemia Centre in Mahabubnagar shortly. “The goal of the government is to as much as possible to ensure proper healthcare for all,” he stated.

During the event, Dr A Natraj, a well-known personality and the chairman of Indian Red Cross Society Mahabubnagar, who himself has donated blood 130 times in the past 25 years, requested Minister Laxma Reddy to appoint two eye-ball donation technicians in every government hospital, because of late people were showing more interest in donating eye-balls and there were no facilities with qualified technicians in government hospitals to meet this demand.

Municipal Chairperson Radha Amar and District Library Chairman Rajender Goud were also present on the occasion.