Telangana: Fishermen, kids have a field day at Manjira


Sangareddy: A day after the release of water from Singuru project, fishermen and fishing enthusiasts got a bountiful catch along the Manjira river downstream Singuru project. Within minutes after the gates of Singuru and Manjira dam were closed down owing to decrease in inflows from upstream, hundreds of fishermen living in and around Sangareddy started coming to Manjira dam while fishing enthusiasts also arrived from various parts. The fishermen, who otherwise spend an entire day to catch 5 to 6 kg of fish, got tonnes of fish on Wednesday. The fishermen formed groups and started fishing downstream Manjira dam near Sangareddy.

The fish were sold to traders from Sangareddy, Patancheru and Sadashivpet. Each fisherman got about 100 kg of fish on a single day on Wednesday. Each kg of fish is being sold at Rs 100 to traders which is then sold at Rs 150 a kg in the retail market.

Not only at Manjira, but villagers living along the Manjira river in Sangareddy and Medak district were also seen venturing into the Manjira river as the inflows receded on Wednesday morning.  As the minor irrigation tanks began overflowing across Sangareddy district, fishermen and enthusiasts were also seen fishing at the weirs of these tanks and lakes. Speaking to Telangana Today, Mallesham, a fisherman at Manjira, said that each fisherman hardly gets 6 kg of fish on ordinary days. As the fish were seen jumping out of water, even the kids could catch them with their bare hands. Afzal, a 9th standard boy and resident of Angadipet village, caught three fish weighing 1 kg.