Telangana a truly progressive State

Dr Laggani Srinivas

Setting up the right kind of platforms and creating infrastructure is the key to overall development of a region and the Telangana government is focussed on this particular aspect ever since it emerged as a separate State. Many such initiatives were introduced in these six and a half years that will surely aid our State in the long run.

We all know Telangana is the youngest State in India and within a short span of time, we have captured the attention of many States by implementing numerous initiatives for all sections of society.

In simple terms, a State’s progression is often judged by the growth of its people, per capita income, standard of living and revenue growth of the State. These parameters are sufficient to prove that a particular region or State is marching towards growth and in all the above aspects, Telangana as a State has achieved tremendous growth. Telangana is one of the few States in the country to continue to touch double-digit revenue growth constantly. It continues to establish healthy growth in IT exports too.

The reality in Telangana is that the government has got involved directly or indirectly with almost all sections of the society to contribute to the economic growth of the State. Improving fisheries in local water bodies and initiatives like providing sheep to the shepherd community are just a few of the many welfare oriented government schemes, which not only help economic growth of the State directly or indirectly, but also uplift the standards of life of those small communities.

As India celebrates the Azadi Ka Amrut 75 week-long festival on the eve of 75 years of Independence, it is imperative to understand what we achieved truly in 6.5 years of governance after the formation of Telangana State. As true patriotic Indians, what we look for from our governments is progressive development which can provide many opportunities for us and future generations.

To achieve overall development, the government needs to focus on creating infrastructure and in Telangana, we have witnessed it. Let us focus on a few important initiatives that play a crucial role in the development of our State:

Irrigation projects: Target set by visionary Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao to irrigate 1 crore acres of land across Telangana is an example of how this government is focused on uplifting the livelihood of our farmers.

People Welfare Initiatives: We can confidently say that no State in the country has implemented such a large number of welfare initiatives. Every welfare initiative taken up by this government contributes to the prosperity and dignity of Telangana’s citizens.

Initiatives for students, aspiring entrepreneurs: Telangana is the only State in the country which created WE-hub for women entrepreneurs and initiatives like T-Hub for aspiring entrepreneurs. The Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) aided lakhs of students to nurture and improve their skills along with academics. The TS Innovation cell, T-SAT and T-Works initiatives also helped the youth.

Employment creation: An important aspect that should be considered is we are in an era where unemployment persists even in developed countries. In reality the Telangana government has created employment opportunities both in private and public sectors for the skilled – 1.39 lakh jobs in the government sector and more than 15 lakhs jobs in the private sector.

The government has also created a healthy environment with its industry-friendly policies for the ease of doing business. Large enterprises tend to come to the region only when there’s a political stability and support from the local government, apart from availability of skill set. Policies like TS iPass are essential to grab the attention of such industries.

Before the formation of the State, there were many rumours and baseless allegations about the region, including that the State would not prosper if the leadership was changed. The proof of progression was shown within six and a half years with the kind of governance that we are continuing to witness.

Dr Laggani Srinivas

(Author, Thought Leader, Strategic consultant & fellow in applied politics)

(Views expressed by the author are purely his personal)

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