Teasers of Queen remakes set for simultaneous release


The teasers for the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada remakes of Kangana Ranaut’s Hindi hit Queen will be unveiled simultaneously on Friday.

The simultaneous release of the teasers will mark the beginning of a marketing campaign which will culminate in the same day release of the four South India Queens in five States in February 2019.

Producer Manu Kumaran, who bought the rights for Queen in the southern languages, is keeping his fingers crossed that the audience appreciates the teasers.

“I really hope the audiences love these teasers because making these four movies altogether has been the most scary, stressful, nerve-wracking and, yet, supremely joyful experience of our lives. I have a clear understanding of what happens to parents of quadruplets,” Kumaran said.

The films in four languages have four different actors and directors, and separate casts and crews.

The four female leads in the films are Kajal Aggarwal (Tamil), Tamannaah (Telugu), Manjima Mohan (Malayalam) and Parul Yadav (Kannada).

All the four films were shot simultaneously in Paris, Athens, Nice, Frejus, St Raphael, Mysore, Hyderabad, Gokarna, Thalassery, Rajahmundry, Virudhnagar and Mumbai.

The original film starred Kangana as the woman who ends up going on a honeymoon alone, and sets out on the road to independence.