Teaching was a happy accident for him


Originally from Punjab, and with more than 50 years in the education industry, Harkishan Lal Dutt’s book My Princely Colleges documents his experiences of teaching in Colvin Taluqdars, Lucknow, Hyderabad Public School, Hyderabad, Daly college, Indore and Mayo College Ajmer, from where he retired. “The book is about my life in these educational institutions and how I first got into teaching.” Describing his first steps into the teaching field as a “happy accident”, the 84 year old educationist says, “In this rapidly changing world, right teaching is of vital importance as this is our investment for the future. Quality teaching staff, proper infrastructure and finances are the key points we must address if we hope for betterment.”

He has served as the principal of Hyderabad Public School during 1976-79, and says during his time as the Principal, he along with his students were involved in an Indo-Dutch project where they ventured into the villages to interact, play and sometimes stayed the night with them all of which was done to promote mutual learning and understanding.

The 164 pages book has two chapters, the prologue and the ending, are dedicated entirely to the education system in India. While the Prologue speaks about what is expected of a teacher, the ending talks about the changes to the overall superstructure of education.