Taking the legacy forward

Dr Ramu along with his wife Hema Kumari and daughter Maitreyee

With a career spanning more than 25 years, an active journalist, teacher, PR manager and more, Dr Suravajjula Ramu and his family including his mother, wife, and now his children, together have tapped into almost all areas of journalism.   Back in the day and age when women were confined to household chores, his mother Nageshwari, worked as a reporter in a then newspaper called Racchabanda, “this was way back in the 80s’ my mother didn’t undergo any formal training per se, but used to write short stories and poems for the paper. She worked with the organization for a couple of years and that’s when I was first introduced to the filed.”

Ramu married his childhood friend Hema Kumari who also had a particular liking towards journalism. “I was working in Nalgonda at the time and back then, women reporters, especially in the districts were very rare and after completing MCJ from Kakatiya University and with a slight nudge, she joined ZEE Telugu and N TV but later discontinued due to personal commitments.”

Taking the legacy forward

His daughter Maitreyee and son Snehit are both Journalism degree holders. While his son is an International Table Tennis player and is currently gearing up for the big game, his daughter, Maitreyee, on the other hand, will soon be the proud recipient of the prestigious Yudhveer award for her academic excellence in the field. Talking about receiving the award that her father narrowly missed, the 22-year-old-says, “I got inspired by both my parents to get into the field and when I first joined, my dad told me about this award and how he missed it with 3 marks and I remember thinking it would be great if perhaps one day I could win it for him and as college started this topic slowly slipped out of my mind. Through pout the course I tried to give my best and was surprised when I got to know that I scored the highest and will be receiving the award.”

Taking the legacy forward

Adding to which she says, “I think my dad wouldn’t have been this happy even if he would have got it. I think he is happier now and me getting the award is a bigger achievement for him. He was completely speechless and that gave me immense satisfaction.” She aspires to get into Indian Foreign services and says she wants to show that women can do equally well in this filed as well. Maitreyee enjoys poetry and names women empowerment as her favourite topic.