Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Renewable electricity needs to grow 55-fold to achieve zero emission in India

It highlighted that India will need to reach peak emissions within this decade if it were to achieve net-zero emissions by mid-century, a pace of transition, unlike anything the world has seen before.

Two 80-seater cruises to be launched in Hussain Sagar

Equipped with advanced technology, these cruises will be eco-friendly in terms of operations as they come with zero emission and electric twin inboard motors propulsions

Japan set to ban sales of new petrol cars in mid-2030s: reports

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in October set a 2050 deadline for Japan to become carbon-neutral, prompting big companies to draft plans on how to curb their CO2 emissions.

Uber adds e-rickshaws to platform, deploys 100 such vehicles in Delhi

Uber said the launch is in line with the company's recently announced global commitment to make all rides on its platform 100 per cent emission-free by 2040 through zero-emission vehicles.

Airbus unveils three concepts of world’s first zero-emission aircraft

All of these concepts rely on hydrogen rather than jet fuel as a primary power source

Amazon orders 1800 EVs from Mercedes-Benz in green effort

The company is evaluating ways to remove carbon from its entire value chain, from development to the supplier network

Cellestial E-Mobility unveils electric-tractor

Hyderabad-based startup plans to build 8,000 tractors in the next 36 months.

Goldstone Infratech launches Electric bus with HPTC

The bus which has been Made in India by Goldstone Infratech has been certified by ARAI, after extensive testing at part level and vehicle level at various testing facilities.

Nissan advancing mobility standards

Developed from NASA technology, Nissan partners in-vehicle artificial intelligence with human support to help autonomous vehicles make decisions in unpredictable situations.

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