Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Youtube Channels

Sesame Street Muppets debut in India

Both channels will stream a variety of content for kids aged 3-8 years and will introduce Indian kids and families to favourite global Muppet characters such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and many more.

Google removes 3,000 China-linked fake YouTube channels

"A small fraction of these spam channels will then post videos about current events. Such videos frequently feature clumsy translations and computer-generated voices."

Crucial to support folk artists: Shaan

"The world is waiting for a vaccine and hopefully that happens soon. 2020 is a year for self-help where we as musicians work harder on our skills and understand the kind of music we want to create and collaborate on."

Hyderabad: Mother Mary festival to go online this year

Devotees appealed to stay home and watch special prayers live telecast on Liturgy TV, Sangamam Plus and Catholic Hub

TalentSprint to provide free programmes for job seekers

From July 1, the platform will throw open all premium content to young graduates and job-seekers through its YouTube channels

Ancient rap battles

Flyting, a 5th century rap culture, was all about exchanging insults in verse

T-Series’ short-lived win over PewDiePie

For the first time, T-Series surpassed PewDiePie, by Felix Kjellberg, on February 22, with about 2,000 subscribers. However, the victory was short-lived.

‘Trending’ in YouTube gets a makeover

After shuttering their gaming app, YouTube made some major changes to how their users discover content. The trending tab breaks into five different categories...

Philosophy for the soul

Be it when you’re having an existential crisis and want to keep your mind engaged; or you just want to broaden your knowledge on philosophy, here is some content to solve your puzzles.

YouTube channels for book lovers

There are a few YouTube channels that not only review the latest reads but also update its list of must-have books from time to time.

Master new skills by following these YouTube channels

These YouTube channels provide easy tutorials to learn one of the most popular handicrafts and create your own jewellery, home décor items and more.

Be an awesome vegan momma

For vegan mothers and mothers-to-be, these YouTube channels serve as great guidance, spreading awareness and providing tips that come from experienced mothers.

Hyderabad-based Silly Monks gets listed on NSE

Founded by Sanjay Reddy and Anil Pallala in September 2013, Silly Monks focuses on content aggregation, customisation and deployment of content both in audio and video format for mobile carriers, devices and music stores.

Five YouTube channels to make learning fun

Audio-Visual methods to learn scientific facts leave an ever-lasting impression on the mind

Simpler hacks for a smarter life

Browse these YouTube channels to make your life better

Pakka Hyderabadi YouTubers

Meet the ambitious entertainers who are gaining popularity all over India.

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