Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Wild Animals

WHO urges pause in market sale of captured live wild animals

WHO highlighted the risk of direct transmission of emerging infectious diseases to humans who come in contact with bodily fluids of an infected animal.

Telangana: Measures to quench wild animals thirst in forests pays off

Forest department shared images of different wild animals quenching their thirst at saucer pits at different locations, on social networking websites on Thursday.

Nehru zoo officials helping animals beat the heat

Authorities instal mist sprayers, sprinklers and small rain-guns in all enclosures apart from several other arrangements

TS forest panel discusses steps to mitigate man-animal conflict

The State government constituted the committee to recommend measures for avoiding the recurrence of human deaths due to tiger attacks.

Trade in wild animals thriving on social media amid Covid-19

The research published in the journal of Environmental Research showed despite the known risk of animal to human transmission of disease, there is no clear evidence that the online wildlife trade was discouraged or decreased amid the pandemic.

Laws against animal cruelty need to be stricter: Amjor Chandran

All animals have the right to live just like us. In many countries, including India, there are strict laws against animal cruelty.

IVRI, IIT-Roorkee to develop Covid-19 vaccine for animals

"Our efforts are also aimed at the study of the transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in domestic and wild animals and control its spread among them."

Telangana forest staff told to strictly follow wildlife protocol

Rescue operations should be carried out without any harm to animals, says PCCF

Forest staff asked to follow strict protocol while rescuing wild animals

Hyderabad: Following the botched up rescue of a seven-year old Leopard in Nalgonda, which later succumbed to internal injuries the Principal Chief Conservator of...

Telangana: Forest dept to check straying of wild animals into human habitations

Hyderabad: Attributing the spurt in wild animals straying into human habitation partly because of night curfew due lockdown , State Forest Minister Alolla Indrakaran...

Peddapalli: Custodial death in Manthani police station

Peddapalli: A man arrested On allegations of hunting of wild animals, allegedly hanged himself on Manthani police station premises on Tuesday. The custodial death sent...

Even animals benefit from social distancing to prevent disease

The study, published in the journal Animal Behaviour, observed monkeys in the wild to understand what role genetics, diet, social groupings and distance in a social network play when it comes to the microbes found inside an animal's gut.

10 poachers arrested for killing Asiatic black bear in Meghalaya

Photos of poachers skinning the animal went viral on social media earlier this week, leading to outrage.

750 water saucers setup inside Amrabad Tiger Reserve for wild animals: DFO joji

In a statement here, he said that due to Srisailam and other temples being shut down due to the lockdown and vehicular traffic and pollution coming down due to lockdown, wild animals were freely moving in the forest area, quite frequently coming on to the roads these days.

UoH join hands to feed stray dogs, wildlife

oH has a habitat for over 200 species of birds, various mammals, and reptiles

COVID-19: China bans wildlife animals trade and consumption

Chinese health officials have said the virus likely emerged from a market in the central city of Wuhan that sold wild animals as food

India ready to bring back cheetah: Wildlife experts 

In January, SC had allowed the government to introduce the African cheetah to a suitable habitat in the country on an experimental basis

Forest fire in three locations of Nallamala

Shiva Swamys who enter the forest to reach Srisailam are alleged for the fires

Native fruits lose shine against imported in Telangana

Residents of forest fringe villages and remote areas generate income by gathering the fruits, braving attacks of wild animals in particular sloth bears

Amid pristine nature lies a sanctuary

As winter is approaching, it’s time to plan your weekend trip to Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary in Jannaram

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