Saturday, September 18, 2021
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West Asia

Andhra Pradesh mango growers back farm laws

Visakhapatnam: Policy reforms in agriculture have the dual responsibility of ensuring that the sector achieves higher growth, delivers higher income to the farmers and...

West Asia outreach

Gen Naravane’s visit to Saudi and UAE could lead to greater military exchanges and better security ties

Facilities management industry to benefit: Experts

New Delhi: The $15 billion-organised facilities management (FM) segment is likely to benefit the most from the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country as businesses...

Indian pavilion takes center stage at Gulfood-2020

Over 5,000 exhibitors from 140 countries and more than 300 firms from India are exhibiting their products in the four-day event in Dubai

Iran calls for unity to expel US troops from Middle East

The Syrian official also thanked Iran for its support in eradicating terrorism in Syria and called for strengthening economic and trade relations at a time when Iranian companies are seeking huge contracts to rebuild the Arab country.

Clouds of Calamity

The US’ killing of Iran’s star General may have just brought the already-destabilised West Asia on the brink of another disaster

A terrible quagmire in West Asia

Since its huge investment in blood and treasure has yielded little, Iraq has become an obsession for the US

Reckless adventure

By ordering the killing of Soleimani, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, the United States President Donald Trump has displayed reckless adventurism that is bound to push the entire region into turmoil with disastrous implications

‘Hugplomacy’ with West Asia

Modi’s outreach balanced competing, and sometimes contradictory, interests and was well executed.

India’s S-400 missile deal with Russia in advanced negotiation stage

According to Indian Defence Ministry officials, the delivery of the S-400 missile system will begin two years after the contract is finalised.

Hyderabadi Hamdardi

Old Hyderabadis were not even conscious of religious or sectarian differences once upon a time

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