Monday, September 20, 2021
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The Taste Company launches ready-to-eat meals

The brand offers two non-vegetarian meal boxes -- Chicken Curry Rice and Exotic Prawn Rice -- along with vegetarian meal options such as Classic Dal Rice (Dal Chawal), Special Veg Rice, and Dal Khichdi.

Rise, fall and rise of Way2Online

Company, founded by Raju Vanapala, which first offered free smses, is now one of the largest customer data platforms

Essex India to ease buying and selling of property

Hyderabad: To provide help to both buyers and sellers of residential property, Hyderabad-based property technology company Essex India has launched its services. With about...

When expectations of shopping online don’t meet reality

In most cases that go horribly wrong, most often the buyer sees ans expensive product selling at a throwaway price and jumps at it.

70% Indians want 1000 rupee note back in circulation: Survey

'The choice of denominations severely hurt the section of population that deal with smaller denomination notes.'

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